how to make my day

in one easy step. That’s the clue: STEP. With thanks to the lovely icaria for this one…


(clicking image leads to deliciously cheesy jolly infomercial)

Dr Oz is such a silly man, such a silly show, but with such absolutely priceless content–I might actually have to start following such nonsense more seriously, so as to keep up with the marvellous rich world of Extreme Silly™. Plus, makes me very happy with lots of ROFL. As good as intentional professional comedy. In Dr Oz and suchlike, the unintended extra amusement-value is a bonus: makes such silliness a very good deal. OK, I admit, I’m watching stuff like this for free on YouTube anyway or at friends’ places. But still: loving the multi-tasking polyvalent entertainment.

more easy feet: at ease, being free and easy, footloose and fancy-free, etc.

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