collected linkages and other conspiracies

Just tidying up things bookmarked for inclusion on here…


Rearranged to suggest narrative links. I’m afraid the main one that suggests itself to me is completely misanthropic. 😦

Alternative Thinking. Conspiracy Theories. Police State. Activism. Science. Space. Aliens & UFO’s. Ancient History. Suppressed Knowledge.Esoteric Wisdom. History. Philosophy. Literature. Truth Seeking. Current Events. Cryptozoology. Geo Politics. Post Apocalypse. Mind Control. Dystopia. And More… The world is in a trance. The majority of your fellow human beings have been systematically “dumbed” down, fattened up, put to sleep and enslaved. The modern age is a parade of ignorance and a celebration of mediocrity. This is dedicated to my search for all that is truth and enlightenment. Some of the topics found here are highly speculative and may be considered controversial or offensive to some. It is my freedom to research and choose to believe as it is your freedom to ignore or look elsewhere.

(ahem–and it is my and your freedom, as readers, to make of that what I or you will)


–because they were really useful and I don’t know how I’d managed all my life without them; posting them here for the greater edification and benefit of all. Remember, guys, consumerism is good + over-consumption is great. Live the dream. See the posts on here on L’Oréal for further details.

  • Vital product of the millenium! Charlotte Ronson A Perfect Mess Beach Hair (Sephora, $20)
  • Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo (there’s so much to be written about this, analysing social, political, cultural, historico-nostalgic, etc. implications… wow… rich vein here)
  • There’s some degree of excitement here in Vancouver as Anthropologie has invaded our fair shores. So I had a look; having bought the occasional item from them when last living south of the border. Well, the new collection on their website was most rewarding. Readers with children, get those kids working. Sweatshops and illegal child labour–whatever. Every abandoned unfinished craft project can be worth 100s of $$$s. “Statement” jewellery indeed: it certainly says something about the bearer. THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES alert. Gold star award for rip-off merchant of the year.

My personal favourite. There are quite a few things like this in my parents' attic. Like others', my own parents, bless them, never throw infantile art out. Just in case it turns out to be important juvenilia--or foresight for future fashion trends?

awww, cute: baby version of same. What? You have a baby and your baby doesn't have one of these? Shame on you! Indecent! You half-person!

This was a similar price-range: sold out due to massive demand? or withdrawn discreetly from sale? conspiracy theories?

For this one and the one below: in most countries, it's against the law to use the main materials involved here; some are also protected by international law; in the case of this one here, it's an environmental no-no and for the one below, add in a scientific and historical one. Tsk.

A deeper and more serious worry: contributing to the destruction of supporting evidence for evolution (of all life, and of humans inc. crucial data on early hominids, transitions and interactions between species, and palaeolithic h. sapiens). Part of the creationist, anti-scientific, and anti-rationalist conspiracy?

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