spam of the week

Three small steps separate spam -> scam -> scum. The scummy ones went straight in the trash. These, however, were quite amusing.

The first one is brilliant. “The world is a stage, but the play is badly cast.” Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime. 

Which is very appropriate for Uggly boots: a bad “cast” for feet; and, as their emblematic footwear of choice, a damning indictment of the “players” in the contemporary celebrity (pseudo-)culture at the centre of today’s society of the spectacle.

See also: “All the world’s a stage…” a.k.a. the Seven Ages of Man speech from As You Like It:

The Kevin Kline / Kenneth Branagh version:

Classic ’80s classiness, classy just because it’s the ’80s and has great ’80s hair, but also because it’s sans Uggs: the 1982 Stratford Shakespeare Festival version, c/o the BBC, c/o CBC:

More of the same starts here:

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