recent MUA amusement: a round-up

More for archival / future archaeological purposes than anything else. But hey, sharing the treasure-trove and saving others from the back-breaking labour of shit-shovveling digging.

ITEM ONE: 2011-09-03

Extreme Nail Board Action! See rest of post for the 101 photos, in high-res extreme close-up, of every single item!!

The commentary is, alas, nothing to write home about–bowing, scraping, adulation. *Shudder.* I’m not jealous: I just don’t see the point. I mean, ten I can understand: ten fingers, one colour for each. Twenty I also understand: add toes to fingers. But maybe I’m missing something? Maybe the NB gals are all being really chipper and cute and all because this poor person is missing a few digits? From her photos though–nope. Maybe we’re still talking huggy pity and digits, but counting something else here.

Thanks to BeautyBash for bringing this item to my attention. (They’ve been a bit poorly of late–not up to usual standards. Blame US primaries and suchlike, I guess–minds on higher things.)

ITEM TWO: 2011-08-31 to 2011-09-01

Prickly heat attack on the Skin Care Board! or… was someone maybe trying to goad someone else into something else? Do bear in mind that it’s a global site, operating 24/7 across all time zones; with different reading styles: some people read on mobile devices, just the most recent stuff; many many many ask questions without doing a board search first–then again, that’s tricky to do in the site’s mobile version. But a few (like jetfan and me) read through all the posts they’ve missed (because, say, they’ve been … I don’t know: working? having a life?… yet we’re also obsessive nerdy types who HAVE TO READ IT ALL). Also, as you see here, so as to keep up with everything and everyone, inc. their friends and sticking up for them.

ITEM THREE: 2011-09-01

Must have been a full moon or something?

And slightly more recently:


  1. mej5s

    Most excellent work as always – I’ve been spending more time at that place that pays me lately and have been remiss in most everything MUA-related – will be making a gradual comeback

    • gingerama

      de temps en temps… longue journée, quelques petites pauses entre réunions, entretiens aves les Chers Petits Adorables, etc. (de 7h30 jusqu’à 20h30, pas mal…)

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