compare and contrast

Ooh boy.

Feminism, sexism, racism, hypocrisy, beautynomics, celebrity pseudo-culture, rights, property/propriety, patriarchy, Leagues of Decency, the wit and wisdom of getting naked in public, rights, double- or multiple-standards, live and let live, ignorance and prudery and godbaggery and idiocracy, rights, rights and/vs. responsibilities, and more rights.

Compare the following three items:

ITEM THE FIRST: discussion on–the main Irish beauty etc. blog–about Rihannafieldgate:

ITEM THE SECOND (early 2010): Erika Badu strips naked in downtown Dallas

  • the video:
  • news coverage plus comment:

ITEM THE THIRD (around about 2004 onwards):

  • Which led me to this splendid item–I say “splendid” as a good/light day in my job is 10-11 hours, the last few weeks have included 12-hour-ers, and last week has included a 14 hour day. A job that needs 100% focus, concentration, attention, and brain-work for at least 6-8 hours/day, maybe down to 75% for the rest cos multi-tasking, like dealing with email correspondence and admin/bureaucracy/BS; the latter also requires breaks to make calming tea and eat chocolate.Also splendid as it’s nice to see plenty of other people, from various points of view, all seeing that growth and pseudo-progress aren’t necessarily the be-all and end-all of existence: that stability, sustainability, harmony, peace, and love are maybe perhaps more important.

    Wake up, rest of the world: you’re living in someone else’s Viagra ad. Someone else’s ad, for someone else’s penis. Of course, all the more alien (and thus stability etc. would be all the more natural and normal) for the majority of world’s population: that is, its non-penily-endowed members…

    Or, as the WLP quote one of our locals: “It seems that the ecologically necessary is politically unfeasible, but the politically feasible is ecologically irrelevant.” – Prof. Bill Rees, UBC

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