compare and contrast (2)

some highlights from the discussion on, Rihanna told: “get off my land you dirty girl”. Ireland is morto. Mortoooooo

The feminist revolution needs some more work. As do building community, solidarity, and gynocracy.

Then again, the discussion also featured the sweetest, gentlest, most completely ineffectual attempt at moderation I’ve ever seen in twenty years online. The mods came on themselves, in their own names, pleaded with people to return to the actual original topic, to be nice, and to remember that this was a nice board for “chat and craic.” After which they then sort of alternated hand-wringing with throwing them in the air in horror and panic whilst commenters ignored them. Anyone commenting on democracy, due process, tolerance, and socio-politico-ethico-economic responsibility and suchlike in Ireland: this thread, and its moderation, offers you an encouraging and enticing (and, in its own lovely way, anarcha-feminist) metaphorical alternative.

Some of my favourite comments: there were many that echoed one another, or reiterated the same point a while after someone else (or, more often, lots of other people); these were a bit different, more content and style, some fine story-telling, laudable lateral thinking, a creative approach to the topic, and illustrations of the fine art of chat:

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