if you’re happy and you know it and you really want to show it

–if you’re still happy–then here’s some further good trolling, this time BeautyBash shopping in some thoroughly non-virtuous behaviour on that most unethical stinky dark corner of MUA, the Fragrance Board:

 With gratitude, as ever, to BeautyBash for their acuity.


  1. mej5s

    Haaaaaaaa – I avoid the fragrance-board and their phthalate-poisoned minds but they are good for the odd laugh.

    BTW how are you? Check your MUA PMs 🙂

    How’s the weather out there? I have an interview at a largeeviltelecommunicationscompanywhoseheadquartersisthere soon.

    • gingerama

      1. oh, the EWG would love your comment.
      2. fine. will be more assiduous in PM-checking…
      3. weather right now: cool, rainy. the mountains have vanished! am currently up a tower on a misty island!
      4. interview sounds funnnnnnn

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