FFS, not the effing EWG *again*

Stale, stale, stale. Oh, and lame to boot.

I mean, this video is so. damn. old. 

Yet it keeps coming back.

Also, more worryingly,  it’s patronizing and puerile: when I first saw it, it took me a while (yes, I can be slow that way) to register that this wasn’t
(a) a joke
(b) aimed at small children–get your girls eddycated fore they hit puberty & makeup
But, no, it is indeed aimed at grown women in the First World. Who have had the benefits of a First World education, without fear of reprisals. Who should have done at least some basic science at school. No matter what else they did, and what they did next.

Folks: if after seeing this, and the silly comments on MUA today (and very sensible treatment thereof on the Makeup Board–albeit, as ever for them, ethics is the last thing on the agenda–more below)–if after all that, you still think this is sane, sensible, serious, scientific, and well-reasoned: cool, stick with the Tea Party. Join a cult and become a brood-mare. You’re a tool of The Man.

Or have a look round and see that there are women in the developing world who would die to have had your educational chances. When you were messing around with orange fake tan and bullying other girls and turned the rest of your brain off during high school. Other girls have died for the right just to learn to read, write, and count. The grown women who teach them too.

OK. So here’s that fucking video. Viewer discretion advised.


And some people–make me angry too. When I’m not ranting and raving and tearing my hair out, I’m doing that and weeping for them. Though it might be that we may have a new proto-troll, who’s at least in the obsessive if not cult-disciple stage. We’ll see if any tracks open up besides the one and only thus far. Functional since 12/2010, but only posted today. Groan:

The highest response-rate was on the makeup board:

Close-up on that LOLlissimo reponse, “best notepad on the subject”:

And, finally, a critical response to that shitty bit of patronizing crud above:

It’s purely and plainly scientific. Very clean and clinical–all good, and what was missing in the first video. But: might have pushed my buttons more if the presenter had been a lady scientist (you know the sort: attractive but not in a porn-fantasy way; specs; hair in a bun; chic tailored lab-coat). And it might have been nice to add some angle on the other dangers of this video: it associates knowing stuff and wanting to know more with masculinity and negative loading.

This is the classic right-wing triple-whammy of control, anti-feminism, and anti-intellectualism. BUYERS: VIEWERS: BEWARE!!!

Yours etc., an unabashed, unashamed female geek and nerd. Out and proud. And in favour of sharing, communities, open knowledge, sticking up two fingers at power and obsession with it, etc.


(UK) Original caption: "The Prime Minister’s office refused to comment on rumours that this leaflet has in fact been prepared by the NHS for immediate distribution in the event of an outbreak of the Rage virus." All metaphorical interpretations in the present context of this here post are entirely the responsibility of the alert and astute reader.

Image at top: Zombiethon, from Refused Classification: Film Censorship in Australia

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