morosophy: a classic

This is an old Green Board drama, that is just so utterly unutterably priceless that I shall refrain from any further comment. It needs none.


That video clip: WARNING: please ensure you have vacated your bladder and are sitting comfortably, holding on to your seat, BEFORE pressing play:

Nearly half a million views? Are you freaking kidding me? Who are these people? Well, let’s just hope most of them are people like me out for a laugh. Otherwise one might conclude that the world is full of stupid people. Oh, wait–

–that’s right, oops, there was going to be no further comment. Tsk. Trolling myself.

The saga continued:

This was a weird moment for me. I really wasn’t sure if the whole thread was a piss-take: a.k.a. a joke; a parody-thread; a well-earned send-up of how the Green Board can be a bit too earnest, New Age, ignorant, anti-scientific, and generally loony and loopy. Substituting Fruit Loops for a sensible balanced diet, as it were.

My usual approach in such circumstances is to give the benefit of the doubt; assume the person is possessed of sound mind, common sense, and intelligence; and therefore presume that this is a joke.

Going against all I’ve said previously in my hatred of The LOL: sometimes, if in doubt, LOL. Sometimes it is the only viable option.

Anyway. Onwards and upwards:

Image at top: Work At Home Blog

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