NEWSFLASH troll-y update!

There’s a most intriguing new MUA troll appeared recently: mainly on the Café board, with occasional forays onto Skin Care. The activity patterns, discursive style, and behavioural traits–needing to have the last word, stirring trouble when something’s basically been settled, stalking certain regular members–is remarkably similar to that of our old dear friend lacombelucien aurevoirlesenfants.

The shiny new MUAer also came into being around the time (three days before, to be precise) that aurevoir’s account was deleted by MUA admin. Several MUAers had been in correspondence with the mods about aurevoir in the period for some time, and with greater frequency and urgency from around mid-August (according to my archived correspondence).

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to the amateur gentleman troll-spotter’s attention:


Coincidence? Correlation? Over to you–have a look at the evidence:

Aurevoir: see earlier post for behaviour patterns.

Our shiny new puppy:

ITEM THE FIRST, on 1 September:

ITEM THE SECOND, just today:

ITEM THE THIRD: intelligence from BB. It’s really thanks to them that I was looking out for The Poon in the first place. Looks like a BBer who’s more of a Café regular spotted Poon on there, and put two and two together much as I had. Looking at Poon’s Café behaviour patterns, the resemblance is indeed very striking. So: BB, much appreciated. a vital resource for MUAers; especially as, if the RL person behind this mask is the same one who was behind aurevoir, one ought to be wary. Ah, how sweet it is to see: MUA and BB in happy harmony, the one complementing the other in constructive co-existence.

ITEM THE FOURTH: see, Café isn’t stupid either. Without suggesting outing anyone below who might correspond to–or with–those on BB who spotted The Poon:

nice one: have your VERY FIRST message deleted--and on Café at that!

It’s OK, Café is on the case–including the person whose ‘nick got nicked:

Don’t piss off Café. Especially the regulars. Extra-specially the smart, sassy ones.

Oh, yeah, and I nearly forgot: there’s those quaint cute rule-things?

Message board/productville/member center rules

[…] You shall not (i) select or use a member name or e-mail address of another person with the intent to impersonate that person; (ii) use a user name or e-mail address subject to the rights of another person without authorization; (iii) use a member name in violation of the intellectual property rights of any person; or (iv) use a member name that we, in our sole discretion, deem offensive.

(MUA Terms of Use)

To finish off, here are some of the more amusing results of a Google image search for “trolleyed trolley”.*

Part of a sweet, sad photo-gallery (image links to it).

a witty e-commerce business/consultancy: smart move, given the amount of drunken online shopping going on. I like the meta. I dislike, as ever, the crass consumerism. And the narrative andcausal links that can be made to the previous image. *Shrug*

My favourite: next best thing to being a Transformer oneself.

* Americans: a “trolley” is the UK version of a shopping cart; “trolleyed” = drunk (or, as we call, it, “pissed”–your “pissed” is our “pissed off”); and “off your/her/etc. trolley” = bonkers, mad.

I feel there should be a riddle and a punch-line about the multi-trolleyism here: troll-eyed, trolleyed, be-trolleyed, off her trolley yet still in it. Your suggestions in comments below?

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