summertime follies

of an edible nature:

See, I was thinking: we Gingers are also ginger nuts; often spend portions of our teenage years as gooseberries; and may, like anyone one else, be fools. Well, I’d hope so–it’s a sign of sanity and the first step towards wisdom.

But I was also thinking, along the way: but hang on: Ginger is great and good. By that I mean the food, of course. Here are some marvels of gingerliciousness, suitable for summer or, what the heck, whenever you need reminding that summer does actually exist and isn’t a myth. For the Dark Days will soon be upon us.

Gooseberry gingernut fool. The image currently (08/2011) at top left on Gingerrrama comes from this recipe; click image for the rest of it. From "The English Kitchen" food blog.

Gingered gooseberry fool. Raw gooseberries macerated in sugar and ginger liqueur, then folded into minted whipped cream. Recipe at Country Living.

Baked gooseberry and ginger nut cheesecake: it and the previous recipe, and more gooseberry delights, are c/o "Paperseed."

Gooseberry fool, feat. ginger snaps: "Food and Foodies" blog (Milan)

A ginger-free gooseberry fool: feat. elderflower cordial. From the BBC.

Winter / out of season adaptations:

1. Gather ye gooseberries while ye may, in summer; either cook then store (preserve, bottle, freeze) or just freeze from fresh.

2. Fools are BRILLIANT and can be made with pretty much any fruit; many vegetables too. Play around. Have fun.

3. If in doubt: there is always jam.

4. And the option of eating ginger nuts with a nice cup of tea.

The original and best. Crappy ad campaign at the top of this post notwithstanding: GINGERS, RECLAIM YOUR GINGER RIGHTS AND PRIDE! For this is the King of the British Biscuits, which are the best biscuits for having with a cup of tea.

Image at top: McVitie’s

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