quick update: argan oil

A firm and resounding YES for hair

A “yes but no but” for skin:

  • a yes in that it works;
  • a no for me, as other (cheaper) oils work as well and I don’t see the point of paying more money for something that does exactly the same thing;
  • but… a yes overall: if other oils haven’t worked for you, my advice would be that yes, it is worth adding to your list of things to try.

That update’s been posted on the main preliminary review (2011-08-12).

Slightly longer version updating the current affairs sticky post:

  • Tested out samples of two expensive ones and one cheap one.
  • No immediate or short-term (i.e. between a day and a week) irritation or clogging. Same for longer term (6 weeks).
  • Skin: used as evening moisturiser, on top of rosehip seed oil, on any drier patches of skin.
    ✻ OK, but results no different–no better, no worse, just the same: moisture without irritation–from using other (cheaper) oils: sesame’s still my best single oil on face, followed by a sesame/sunflower/almond mix.
    ✻ Also tested out on some minor eczema (stress, work, the usual boring causes…): calmed well and moisturised. A drop applied under my usual stage 1 eczema stuff (A-Derma) works better than that cream on its own.
  • Also used in the morning: either mixed with rosehip oil serum-layer, or with moisturiser, or–most often–dotted on top of it, on dryer areas of face (and elsewhere):  very good. I’ll not use much of it, but it’s worth keeping around.
  • For other purposes, i.e. everything that I use the multi-purpose oil for: no difference, and even the cheaper stuff can’t beat sunflower oil (the cooking kind).
  • Hair: tried various things–pre-wash oil treatment, used on ends before conditioner, mixed with conditioner, used on hair after washing and towel-drying, dabbed onto ends. Best results from mixing with conditioner.
    ✻ Similar results to olive oil re. moisture, better than coconut (way too heavy and greasy on my hair).
    ✻ But: a better finish on my (fine) hair; the argan is lighter, finer, more fluid. I did a test-period of three washes using olive oil instead of argan (mixed in with conditioner), to double-check; hair was in good condition but weighed down and clumpy. The argan, in comparison: softer, smoother, more Timotei-advert flickable hair.
    ✻ Plus: I’ve needed less and less de-frizz stuff afterwards–I leave hair to dry naturally, and it’s naturally slightly wavy with some tendencies to frizz. Especially in summer. There’s been noticeably less of that. Which means saving money on my expensive anti-frizz stuff.
  • Experiment ended: a keeper but for hair purposes only, except for occasional use on early-stage eczema patches.
  • Pre-review posted 2011-08-12: includes a run-down of current main available sources and prices. New review on hair coming up, plus update to pre-review.

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