a quickie on PETA

–as it were, fnar fnar.

But seriously: yes, I’m keeping up their lists of ethical purveyors of personal care and cosmetic products. Though as noted many times, that list is flawed:
• mainly US-only
• leaning towards small companies, for better or worse
• far from comprehensive
• not regularly updated: indeed, inaccurate

And add to the flaws the increasingly silly campaigns: whose main message, as far as I can see, is that sexism and racism and any other anti-human ~isms don’t matter: animal rights is all.

I suppose one intended point–giving PETA credit–is to mix depictions of animals being exploited with images (and performances) of humans being exploited: so as to highlight that exploitation end of things, and to emphasize that we’re all animals–especially when naked. To point out the discrepancy, to question any acceptance of a status quo according to which some kinds of exploitation are more OK than others. To put a twist on Orwell that would make him scream (and I don’t just mean nipple-tweaking here): “some animals are more equal than others.”

And those humans being exploited are willing victims, often celebrities “donating” themselves, time, fees to PETA. Bringing in a side order of the exploitative and abuse nature of the celebrity game/economy. (I refuse to call it “culture” cos it’s not.) Giving rise to further twitchings about the “will” end of things; especially if some of the beautiful people concerned are, well, vapid borderline “mindless dumb beasts.”

But: increase in campaigning via nubile nudity… and now the online porn mixed with animal cruelty… no. Not even “I don’t know.” Plain “no.”

It’s snuff.

Saying this as a vegetarian. Disapproval of PETA does not make me anti-animal rights (that’s a LOGIC EPIC FAIL, or fallacy à la Bush).

It does make me anti-exploitation, pro-human rights, feminist, and against capitalizing on others’ suffering–literally, making capital, as making money out of this. Twisted and perverse.

I refer you for a succinct version to I Blame the Patriarchy: Ditwuss Award de la semaine: PETA (2011-08-24)

Highlighting one of its comments:


August 25, 2011 at 1:46 am

[…] time to dig out my old “PeTA, where only women are treated like meat” t-shirt. […]

And a reference:

http://caroljadams.com/interconnectedoppressions.html: re. images, The Sexual Politics of Meat, The Pornography of Meat

And a fabulous, fabulous book review:


(Source: I Blame the Patriarchy; content licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported licence)

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