exemplarily ethical chocolate

The banner sums it all up: besides the compulsory chocolatier criteria of knowing and caring about chocolate, this stuff is organic, sustainably- and shade-grown, sourced from small-scale farmer co-ops, free of child and adult slave/forced labour, fair trade, and bought directly from democratically-controlled co-operatives. More here.

They made one of my old favourites, disappeared for a while, but it looks like the project’s still going and the chocolate too (mainly c/o religious organizations):

Equal Exchange dark (71%) chocolate

I haven’t seen this in a shop in years; my last bar was a gift from a relative in the UK. It was, to the best of my memory, very good: not as rough and raw a flavour as the likes of Divine (unsurprising, given comparative bean origins); along similar smooth unctuous lines to other lascivious Latin Americans. Talking chocolate, folks, don’t let dirty minds wander…

But on which topic enter, c/o one of my local purveyors of all things granola:

Here’s the blurb:

Onto the chocolate and its individual blurblettes:

"will convince milk chocolate lovers to change their tune--hint of sweet caramel--caress of rich cacao--ends with light vanilla sensation"

"deep flavour--rich dose of passion fruit and mahogany notes--powerful cacao tone balanced with mild sweetness--finish features unique smooth lingering note of cloves"

my favourite: "passion fruit and mahogany notes perfectly enhanced with a touch of sugar--richness of a high cocoa content bar, as well as (Kallari's) characteristic smooth finish"

INGREDIENTS for all bars (varying proportions): organic cocoa mass, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic whole vanilla bean. Organic certification by BCS Öko-Garantie GmBH + Rainforest Alliance certified.

It is expensive. There are other chocolates out there that are good. Many of them are ethically good too, if not necessarily as extremely and extraordinarily virtuous. Other option remains, as ever,  buying other chocolate and donating direct to eco-charities. Up to you the consumer.

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