bitchiness continued, now heavier of heart

And then–


When will people figure out the difference between arguing about a point / what was said and problems towards [sic] people?
Justice and fairness: hate the hate, not the hater.
Ad hominem is a fallacy–a.k.a. “fail” in argument.

It’s not that hard. Most human beings are supposed to be capable–in developmental terms–of making that sort of distinction around about the same time they figure out the difference between the real world and stories / TV cartoons / other fiction. Which is in the same explosive intellectual growth spurt when most kids also gain in awareness of others, self/other distinctions, early basic socialization starts, and kids start to be capable of understanding right/wrong, good/bad, and the reasons for why one is one and the other is the other.

Hence why it’s unreasonable to punish a child before that age (though that doesn’t mean not stopping them from doing something, distracting them into doing something else, etc.). Because there may be actus reus therebut there’s no mens rea. 

That key developmental stage usually happens at some point between about ages 3 and 5. When I was at kindergarten, passing that key stage determined whether you completed that stage of your education and were allowed to progress to primary school.

Maybe we should feel sorry for trolls: suffering from arrested development. Stuck–in at least this area of intellect, behaviour, emotional intelligence, general psychology–around about age 5.

awww... cute troll, with cute quackwatchable duckie

Ulp. It worsened–note a resumption of some silly business that’s been going on for months. Vendettas. The other side of trolling: cyberstalking and cyberbullying.

“Avi” reconsiders, and does the sensible thing: realizing that they’d risen to the bait and played straight into trolling hands, response edited to “no message”:


Update: that whole thread has been removed from MUA by the administrators. 


The image at the top is from the superb “TROLLS ON NOTICE” thread in the Virtual Flicks forum. There are more there. And some hilarious counter-counter-etc. and meta-meta-etc. business. Features the Bear Cavalry, Scarlett Johanson, kittens, a rainbow robot unicorn, an unsuccessful troll, a cool road-sign, jelly, and an invisible bicycle.

A more serious and nuanced consideration of  trollism may be found at the Consumerium wiki:

More on trolls, trolling, anti-trolling, counter-trollism, and other drollery coming up next week and the week after; I’m pacing the posts, because otherwise it would be an indigestible 15,000-word+ special. Ulp. Meanwhile, suggest having a look at the Urban Dictionary entry for trolling, and especially sense no. 4. I’ll love you and leave you with this, as it’s always nice to end with a song:

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