greenwash product of the day!

My thanks to Natura11 on MUA for bringing this little treasure to my attention…

Note: I’ve not used it and won’t be using it. You probably couldn’t pay me to use it. Lemon and orange oils do not on my face go. Delizioso Skicare: “Natural Made Simple”–you have got to be taking the piss. This is not simple. It’s an insult to simple, and an abuse of the English language. There’s “purity” crap too (end of post, with apologies–make sure you have antihistamines ready to hand, I got my usual hives…)

Delizioso: Mangosteen Acai Vita Burst Moisturizer SPF 30: USD36.00 / CAD38.00–summer sale! was $62.00!!–for 1 oz of this:

*Coconut Milk, *Aloe barbadensis Leaf (Aloe Vera) Juice, *Vaccinium myrtillus (Blueberry) Juice, *Punica granatum linn (Pomegranate) Juice, *Rosa damascena (Rose) Hydrosol, *Green and White Tea infusions, *Calendula officinalis (Calendula Petal) infusion, Extracts of Garcinia mangostana (Mangosteen), Euterpe oleracea(Acai), *Vaccinium myrtillus (Blueberry), Calendula officinalis (Calendula), Coffea arabica (Green Coffee) Oil, Cucumber, *Citrus Medica Limonum(Lemon), *Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange), Rosehip, and Punica granatum linn (Pomegranate), Alpha Hydroxy Acids (From beet, organic sugar cane and lemon peel), Acer Saccharinum (Sugar Maple), Vita Burst Beads (Outer core: Xanthan Gum and Cranberry Powder with Carageneen. Inside: Mangosteen Extract, Non GMO Vitamin E, and Acai Extract), helichrysum immortelle Essential oil, Titanium Dioxide (12%), and Natural Antioxidant Preservative (Antioxidant fruit extracts, berries and Tea Tree). [* = organic]

Stuff that actually moisturizes: coconut milk, rosehip (if it’s the oil–doesn’t say: also, note non-INCI-compliant ingredient listing), the oils inside the magic exploding beads: açaí, “vitamin E” (source unspecified)
Soothing liquidy-emollient base: aloe vera, rose hydrosol, the other aqueous infusions (tea, calendula, immortelle), cucumber (why’s it not in Latin too?)
Antioxidants: blueberry, pomegranate, açaí, tea, coffee
Exfoliating, allegedly rejuvenating, etc.: sugar-based AHAs, sugar-maple beads
Sunscreen: titanium dioxide; nothing on particle size or coating, though
Unknown: vitamin E source: wheat? sunflower? safflower? synthesized?
Proven frequent irritants: lemon, orange

Manufacturer claims: the bits that made me quibble, quiver, or at least go “pfff” have been highlighted in red:

100% Natural Mangosteen & Acai extracts along with Alpha Hydroxy Acids use a potent anti-aging system of antioxidants to perfect dull skin. Organic oils nourish while aloe and pure juices of cucumber and blueberry rehydrate. As you apply the moisturizer Vita Burst Beads infused with a potent does of Vitamin E, Acai, and Mangosteen pop and start to act immediatley [sic]. This technology helps keep the potent ingredients at their very peak of action.

The benefits of acai extract are undeniable, and this is the reason it has become one the [sic] the best selling health foods of the last decade. Helps repair damage and tissues.

Green Coffee is a superb antioxidant that helps to revive and restore skin. Green Coffee Oil, Coffea arabica, is rich in phytosterols that promote excellent moisture retentio. [sic]

The mangosteen extract has been found to be an extremely efficient antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent that acts as a superb replenishing ingredient.

The spelling alone should ring warning bells in the sensible consumer. Let alone trigger allergic reactions. Plus organic all over the shop. Reasoning: fail. Latin abuse: fail. Hydrating and moisturizing claims, marketing moderated-speak, transposition of food claims to skin, lack of linkifying to studies or other reference to evidence substantiating claims, overuse of adjectives and adverbs, …

Mangosteen: there’s genuinely interesting research on it. Almost all on ingestion: nutrition, medicament. Some on skin–but it’s a big leap from anti-inflammatory properties and application to skin infections and wounds (like witch-hazel, burdock leaves, etc.), to “superb replenishing agent.” Plus, can of worms: a case of traditional medical use, needs more work. Alas: and I know, this is an issue, and I’m not going to knock an ingredient just because it’s “only” got “folk medicine” behind it: after all, data is data, and this is date from experimental use and longitudinal studies; not conventional orthodox ones, but the information is there.

One recent study so far, but general not just skin: Obolskiy, D., I. Pischel, N. Siriwatanametanon, M. Heinrich, 2009. Garcinia mangostana L. (mangosteen): A phytochemical and pharmacological review. Phytotherapy Research 23(8): 1047–1065. DOI: 10.1002/ptr.2730, abstract

Other refs:

Also: this stuff is made in Canada, yet the CAD price is higher than the USD one? In spite of all recent exchange-rates?

Dear manufacturer: you could have just looked up Wikipedia, copy-pasted from there, and employed a decent editor to jiggle around your text. It could all have looked so much more convincing. I for one refuse to pay a two-figure sum for something with that many typos, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and crass misuses of punctuation. Getting them right would have cost you in the region of USD40.00-50.00 / hour, for a competent qualified professional. A “researcher” trawling the net would have been another good buy; price would vary, you could get someone to do this from USD20.00 / hour and up. Look: this bit here on this blog post took me under 5 minutes (heh, joys of copy-paste).

Also, you could have spent some money on website and packaging design. *Shudder.*

As for lab testing and suchlike… ahem…

Instead of all of which: zero investment in getting a product to work and backing it up, maximum profits. Setting up accuns on Facebook, Twitter, and a site that’s on Blogger–well done. Did you get your kid to do this on a wet afternoon after school? Actually, probably not, they’d have done a better job.

I’m sure these are nice well-meaning people. But I’m keeping my $38.00 and will be spending it on something else. Like more pizza, with antioxidant tomatoes on top, olive oil with phytosterols, fresh herbs with vitamin C and trace minerals, etc. Oh, yep, and cheese.


Ah. It’s an EWG, ahem, “plant”: that would be where they’ve spent their marketeering budget, signing the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and Getting Listed. With apologies for what follows, for the site’s creative approach to typesetting and formatting (and more linguistic abuses and substantial nonsense):

About Delizioso Skincare


“The Bio-dynamic powers of our skincare comes straight from nature. Every single ingredient is carefully analyzed, and analytically tested for purity, and quality.”

How Are we different from any other natural skin care lines? 
So many natural skin care products are diluted with water and contain very low amounts of actives. Deliziosos Skincare prides in never having to dilute our natural skincare. We carry a line of skincare like no other; containing active and biodynamic molecules in every ounce of product. From shower gels to facial creams your skin will receive extreme nourishment and the highest quality delivery system of antioxidants. Delizioso Skincare is the only company in the world that incorporates our potent anti-oxidant complex in every single formulation. The complex formulated from raw botanicals and fruit oils derivates works to preserve our formulations and increase skin smoothing effects. Asides from that, many of our scents are specially formulated to provide you with a line of natural bath & body care with delicious and natural aromas like passion fruit and pomegranate. Completely original and unique, Delizioso Skincare provides luxurious spa quality natural skincare with outstanding effects on skin.

Our philosophy Natural made simple is actually quite simple. All our products contain 100% Natural pure, and Certified Organic ingredients. Our formulations include the purest essential oils, preserving the products with a Natural Antioxidant Preservative. Being the only company to use a preservative based on Essential and plant derivates Delizioso Skincare prides in being 100% Paraben and synthetic free.

We started our mission in the year of 2008, when our very first formulation was prepared. Environment was always a reason Delizioso Skincare started to prepare natural yet delicious formulations, and bath body products. Another achievement we pride is being 100% cruelty free. We all love our cuddly pets here, and nothing will make us test our products on beings that deserve a right to live. Being that we use only 100% Natural ingredients there are no reasons for us to test on animals. One small hint is even if a company says that they do not test on animals and if their products contain synthetic ingredients, chances are they do. All synthetic ingredients get tested on animals to see whether they are carcinogens and toxic to our health.  Enjoy your stay with us, and our products as much as you enjoy living in a healthy atmosphere!

Ingredients are always fully disclosed…
Paraben Free
Alcohol & Chlorine Free
Petrochemical Free
GMO Free
Gluten Free
Fragrance Free
Formaldehyde Free
Pesticide Free


  1. Katrina Jensen

    Wow, this is the crappiest post I’ve seen so far after researching more on my fave product. Just wow. And your blog post couldn’t be written weirder. You really lack in some solid proof of what you are saying. I love the Mangosteen Cream and so do so many others. Too bad you’re missing out. Katrina

    • gingerama

      I’m happy for you being happy with your favourite product, and am sorry to have offended you. This product simply isn’t for me, though, for two reasons (both of which seem to have been perfectly clear to other intelligent readers: this post having first appeared on MakeupAlley, in response to discussion of the Mangosteen Cream).
      Reason #1: the cream contains a number of ingredients which I cannot use on my skin, due to irritation. Contact dermatitis. As proven by irritant-and-allergen testing by several doctors, over the years. While my skin is thin, fragile, and reactive: it’s not just me. Such reactions are common in the broad consumer band of “sensitive-skinned people.” Some of the constituents of this cream (the more fragrant ones) are, moreover, on the EU lists of controlled ingredients, only permitted in skincare products at limited low doses (and to be properly labelled).
      Reason #2: I am allergic to quackery, mumbo-jumbo, nonsense, and BS.

      Onto your criticisms:
      1. “wow,” “crappiest post,” and “couldn’t be written weirder”: well, perhaps this is the first time you have read something in proper English and using rational argument, and the first time you’ve seen a product bashed for being a rip-off, manipulating the credulous. If so, I can completely understand your shock and horror. Projection is a natural first, defensive, reaction to discovering that one had been fooled by something; that’s not to say you’re a fool, just that you’ve “been had” by someone else. The people to get angry with are the people who fooled you; though, again, it’s a perfectly natural and understandable reaction to get angry with meEspecially if the most sophisticated writing (with the most sophisticated thought behind it) that you’d encountered was Delizioso Skincare’s ad-copy.

      2. “lack in some solid proof”: I refer you back to my post above. I would also counter that you would appear to be supporting your favourite product, and criticising my criticisnm of it, from a position of love, belief, blind faith, and cultish worship. The exact opposite of proof (= by facts, material evidence; and by argument, reasoning).

      3. “so do many others”: even if the entire world loved Mangosteen Cream except me, that doesn’t make it good and you right, and me wrong. Truths are not subject to majority voting. That way lies madness, idiocracy, and the rise of totalitarian régimes.

      4. “Too bad you’re missing out”: I agree. I’d love to be able to use anything and everything on the market. Unfortunately, until total skin-transplants exist, I can’t.

      All I’d add is: too bad you’re missing out on cheaper products that work as well, as that would also enable you to spend the money saved on other things (dining out, special treats, saving up for a nice vacation, donating to charity, etc…).

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