start the week with some inspired & inspiring reading–

–but first, a tree:

Aaagh. Don’t you just want to hug it?

The state of the patriarchy and the feminist revolution:

Should Lolita be banned? Nah. Banning it, or any other pornographic “work,” would be like trying to treat 2,567,438 purulent boils with a single drop of Boil-Away.** Banning stuff never works. It just creates shadowy, subterranean subcultures who get off on the bannedness of their precious banned thing.

In any event, banning Lolita would do nothing to eradicate the underlying humanitarian crisis of which it is a symptom. Instead, I suggest a feminist response to pornography that advocates — persistently, and with salty language, ridicule, satire, and shaming — the eradication of any social order predicated on the existence and oppression of a sex class.

For the (as ever heart-thumpingly boot-stompingly brilliant) rest, see:

For more, audio this time from BBC Radio 4, on starting the week. Plus some roundups bridging from the end of one to the start of the next. Features a fair dose of patriarchy and patriarchalism, may require sorting wheat from chaff:

Also, this search result might amuse:

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  1. gingerama

    To trash or not to trash? That is the question… Here’s a “comment” on this post. From over two weeks later. Of dubious relevance, but they do link to the Wikipedia Marty Feldman article, and I do like Marty Feldman.
    I’m wondering if Mario/Marty is possibly related to Hotshot Bald Cop?

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