foundations, fundamentalism, & gingerism

ginger and proud police association–of an extreme form. Warning: post contains trailers of a violent nature. Also contains images of gingers.

I was going to say “it’s OK, it’s fictional”–but these are metaphors, this is a fable (on which more in another post shortly), for other very real xenophobic abuses, of today, of the past, and of as much threat as ever for the future. And besides, to a ginger, gingerism is gingerism. Plain and simple.

Also, I read and watch way too much a lot of post-apocalyptic science-fiction. Well, come on guys, what else is a sensible girl to do if she wants to prepare for the ginger rapture future? So: the trailers in here are not too surprising or shocking. But I’m haunted, and will be for years, by works like Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talents. And I worry that those images of a hypothetical potential future are becoming less and less wildly imaginative. We’ve been seeing and living, for some time, a growth in wilful ignorance and intelligence-bashing: MUA, for example. Couple that with a rise in lunatic religious fundamentalism of all ilks and persuasions, and its political approval–tacit by uneasy PC acceptance in some places, explicit and active in other places.

So I worry.

And I worry the more when I see things that strike me as symptomatic and emblematic.

Keep an eye out for this movie–came out in fall 2010, not yet released where I am: Notre jour viendra, dir. Romain Gavras, with the very fine and Ginger-appreciated Vincent Cassel. Released in the UK on the 29th of July this year; Edinburgh Film Festival in June; France back in September last year.

Suggesting reading some of that before viewing trailers etc. This, the official on, is age-restricted:

In the meantime, there’s M.I.A.’s intimately-related track Born Free that started it off. Directed by Gavras; Our day is very roughly speaking an expansion and elaboration, to the best of my knowledge.

Very heavy serious warning: age-restricted material, disturbing, scary, highly graphic violence: you should have to sign in to view, anywhere frankly. May be particularly distressing to gingers:

Peace out. Especially given the twist on tiocfaidh ár lá.

For more on gingerism–whether you’re one of us; or nearly-ginger, ginger-friendly, an honorary ginger, dyed-ginger, ginger-questioning–all the LGBTQ-esque senses–or just in favour of solidarity and sympathy:

  • Gingerism: Documenting the existence of gingerism in mainstream society
  • My favourite ginger blogger: Amber McNaughty, of Forever Amber, has an excellent series of posts on gingerism; as for all of us, it’s a recurring theme in everyday life.
  • The Yorker (2008)
  • The Daily Rumpus (2009) re. the Jenny Wicks exhibition
  • The Guardian (2009) in response to same
  • The Society Pages (Jenny Wade, 2010) on gingerism, with some great images
  • a SodaHead poll (“opinions–everybody’s got them”–and my god, don’t get me started again on everything that’s wrong with that sort of idiocy): “Is “Gingerism” racism?
    Has some points of interest in the comments–mostly that many misunderstandings would be resolved were people to use words properly: because “racism” is so prevalent–both the behaviour and the word–it gets overused, abused, and incidentally its weightiness reduced.
    There’s a perfectly good, more appropriate, useful, correct, general-purpose word for “fear of the different / strange / foreign.” Xenophobia. Use it or lose it: it’s an idea that’s crucial to minority rights, tolerance, justice, civil and political rights, and generally trying to live in a civilized society.
  • and a new one to me: GAPPA (from whence the image at top of page)

Aug 14 2011 4:26P.M.

GAPPA, the Ginger and Proud Police Association has just launched.

GAPPA is the result of a ‘chance’ forum thread highlighting the plight of poor individuals who suffer gingerism in silence; be it in the workplace, home or whilst out in public.

GAPPA is now prepared to stand up and speak out.

Copper is a ginger-ish colour, therefore membership of GAPPA is not just for those with auburn hair, but also freely open to all who feel that there isn’t an option of being a member of, or represented by any other ‘identifiable’ police associational type group.

In today’s ‘modern’ prevention of crime and apprehension of criminals workplace, if you’re not in a ‘club’, you’ve no chance. Membership of GAPPA can help reverse that situation for you immediately.

To join GAPPA whilst the site is being built, please subscribe to our ‘captain carrot’ email alert list via the box below; through which we’ll inform you of ginger related site updates and attempt to mobilise you in the fight against gingerist forces.

Care to reply?

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