foundations for the pale

Well. We’ve already had posts on foundation and assorted hot air and steam from the ears on ginger rights. I was going to do (yet) another rant on colourism: the universal right to be whatever colour one is, manufacturers’ duty to provide  makeup that suits the whole spectrum, and the right to choose to use facial slap that matches one’s mug. Rather than orange, or whatever fashion has dictated is “in,” plus the right to choice full stop–to use or not use the stuff according to individual preference.

But beat me to it. Now: I used to live in Ireland, a few years back. At a time when the tango-glow look was everywhere. I felt like a freak–there were so few of us being, you know, ourselves–on an island famed for its natural pastiness. And I got gingerist abuse. But these things have been changing: gingerism is still alive and kicking, but women–especially younger ones, about 16-18 and up–have been ditching the fakery and growing to accept themselves for what they are. There’s been a definite increase in embracing of the pale being in evidence over the last three years. I have an inkling that may be responsible: they’ve been advocating the use of sunscreen, teaming up with Skin Cancer Ireland campaigns (kinda bit behind the rest of the world, but caught up very fast); they’ve campaigned for the regulation of sunbed use; and they’ve been cajoling the women of Ireland towards a foundation revolution, including thinking and standing up for themselves (when confronted with The Authority of sales assistants). Give traditional attitudes there towards authority (and allied power/knowledge relations), accepting and unquestioning, this is radical; there may be a connection to a general Zeitgeist, what with the last few years’ troubles for The Church and The Banking Industry.

Anyway. Over to–voice of the women of Ireland on the beautification front:

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In other news:

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