pretty packaging: more of the same, larger scale

News just in (my email inbox) Marc Bricault has recently teamed up with the pâtissier-chocolatier Thierry Busset for this shiny new piece of gorgeousness:

Vancouverites–fab, fab, fab. Others–hope this is another excuse to add to the list, for coming to visit. The abovementioned restaurants are pretty outstanding. The first time we went to Whistler was partly to dine at Araxi, and the whole visit was scheduled around that reservation. True story. We are that gastro-geeky. We did also do lots of walking around, lounging in pools with bars, and bear-spotting. The dinner was one of the finest I’ve been enjoyed. Heck, though, don’t just take my word for it, here’s an actual bona fide Respected Authority–who knows what he’s talking about and then some, and is probably also a genuine genius to boot–re. their cookbook:

“This book is full of the attention to detail, freshness and passion that makes eating at Araxi so special.”

Heston Blumenthal

Here’s their dessert menu:

Beautiful menu, but simple obvious decision: the chocolate fondant. D’oh. No-brainer. It did also feel like my brain had melted in paroxysms of ecstasy.

Back to Thierry: Amongst other delights, there’s this:


  1. fredsin

    I have to admit, I am positively tickled pink — er — ginger — with your blog….I must do some further investigation of it

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