Re. previous two posts: to be re-read in the light of the following, from “Lamia.”

UPDATED with a bonus cheery sing-along at the end.

To recap: I’d apologised, then been miffed and grumpy at lack of response. Here was what I said, subsequently edited out from the post before last:

Never received a reply. Not even a curt one-word “received” or somesuch.

Now, I’m not crying about it, and am not writing this expecting pity for poor little me.

I mention it because it is, in almost every part of the world, even today, rude. Discourteous. Ill-mannered or lacking in manners. Lacking in gentility and generosity.

I am disappointed.

Having one’s faith in humanity knocked, and in its innate essential goodness–that always gets me down.

I’m–still, and carefully emphasizing this–not bashing this person–I don’t know him/her and therefore am in no position to do so. That’s completely distinct from disagreeing with (and indeed mocking) what they said and, in addition, despising what they did.

But no use crying over spilt milk.


I did receive an acknowledgement–and rather more than a one-word one. Yes, I was still grumpy. But Lamia did reply, sweetly too:

From Lamia
Subject RE: sorry
Date 8/16/2011 3:13:41 PM

No worries, I know how it gets with boards like this and I hate the trolls just as much as anyone else. I actually did look like a troll, just copy-pasting from a site. Also, with additional research it looks like I didn’t exactly know what I was talking about. Another troll feature. So no need to apologise, and don’t mind me, I go on this British student site and it’s like a warzone there, so I’ve got this lightning-fast putdown reflex.

Thanks ubermuch for the links, you didn’t need to but it was really decent of you, just like the classier MUA-ers. Cheers =)

From gingerrama
To Lamia
Subject RE: RE: sorry
Date 8/16/2011 3:28:10 PM

Hi Lamia,

Thank YOU!

It *is* such a bind, having to be so quick off the draw… and it’s been bad on here, with agents provocateurs setting people up for falls, poking them into going off-topic then flagging with gay abandon.

And I’m totally with what you said originally on not accepting what some old-timer says just because they’re an old-timer. Respect has to be earned, actively, not just granted and given…

Stuff that’s said is true or false, independent of who says it. Mostly: in that if it’s not T/F as fact or provable reasoning, then it’s a matter of value-judgment, opinion, etc. Either way–it’s still a question of judging and responding to what’s been said on its own merits. Irrespective of the speaker’s identity.

Anyhoo. Stick around, it’s a good board, especially as one of the trolls-in-chief is away on holiday right now…

Cheers returned!

G xox

We’ve had some more correspondence since:

From Lamia
Subject RE: RE: RE: sorry
Date 8/19/2011 11:56:20 AM

Hey sorry I didn’t reply, it’s such a relief though that there’s so many level-headed people on here. I have a couple of questions, being as I’m still an MUA virgin =). What do ROP and TIA stand for? I can guess but I just wanna know the actual meaning. And when people on here are comparing foundations, what format are they using? I see a bunch of numbers and letters like NC or something, confusing? Anyway, sorry to bother you but you seem like the perfect person to give me a tiny MUA crash course. Who is the troll-in-chief by the way?

L xx

Oooh. Unnecessary and misplaced flattery aside, excellent and sensible questions all–and y’all know how I love good questions and the art of asking them. See the above? Consider that a paradigm case of good questions and questioning. These and L’s other, continuing intelligent questions were one of the reasons, verily inspirations, for some of the counter-trollism on here. More on that anon… though not all correspondence, with a bit of luck I’ll manage to edit it down to the relevant bits.

It’s OK, I wasn’t going to commit MUA-suicide over this anyway–let alone as a martyr / freedom-fighter / suicide-bomber–but any excuse for one of my favourite waiting-for-a-bus-in-the-rain songs:

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