oooh! public recognition!!

and a couple of other odds & sods [slightly updated–and (15th, 16th) updated some more right at the end…]

Well, I am duly flattered. BeautyBash board has done me proud. Though if they were proper nerds they’d have happened upon this blog by now, and its several Basher-bashing items. Still, it’s a start, and an honour. And they got my name right this time.


jamandjellypicnic 8/13/2011 1:18PM
Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the understanding and support! I promise I won’t fully leave MUA, I guess I’m juts going to be a little more hesitant to post something if it means that it could be attacked, KWIM? And definitely no more picture posting for me. It just feels a little violating to know people are taking your personal photo’s and posting them at will on other sites to mock.
But anyways, I will definitely be hanging around the green board still. I know that everyone here is super supportive and the fact that there is rarely any drama makes it seem like a much better place to hang out in general. Thanks again everyone. 🙂

frostythesnowman81 8/13/2011 2:28PM
The only downside is that this board is really slow. Otherwise, it’s amazing!

gingerrama 8/13/2011 2:42PM
2nd: +ITA on increasing wariness & pics–but
1. PM’s great for the former. And continuing discussions off-board, when it’s either going off-topic or getting too one-to-one and possibly of less interest to others.
2. I’ve seen quite a few people, mainly on SCB come to think of it, saying “have pic, PM me if you want to see.” Better control over whom you’re telling what.
It’s sad, as this should be more about sharing–knowledge, experiences– but gets hijacked by The Mean Girls and fools who think it’s about power and being Queen Bee.
3. Pics: I’d also rec only photographing small sections of face/ skin, for general privacy reasons. Well, also as the close-up is very helpful.


Also: to any Bashers out there–and MUA trolls–looking for role-models to look up to and learn from, masters of barbed wit and acerbic satire? Some suggestions:

UPDATE: Tee hee to the following, in response to, errm, what I’d said two days before… fast and snappy quip-fire this ain’t. But will be following the adventures of Looking-Glass-Gingerdrama with keen interest, see how the character evolves and so on. Lame and tame so far, as Gingerdrama’s main attributes seems to be “ginger” and “intelligent.” Ah well, early days yet, let’s give them a fair chance. At least it’s a refreshingly smiley-free zone. (Probably because the site lacks the technical capability. Not just its inhabitants, but the code. But still.)

(Further update: 2011-08-16)

A short time later, that whole expanded digression within the thread is removed by the wise and sensible mods: note a more refined and precise excision technique, compared to this earlier incident:

exemplary troll-excision... circumVENTing?


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