assorted quick notes to self

it’s OK, I haven’t just forgotten to change this post’s visibility… 

Further to mej5s’s comment, the following should be appearing on here (or at least be being thought about and posts planned):

  • Oils and assorted skin conditions: for while I may have covered some kinds of skin sensitivity, mej5s is your man on seb derm.

Rough guide here–avoid plant-based oils (and most/all botanical extracts?) as they’re incompatible with the condition. To quote his MUA notepad:

The key here is fragrance-free, no plant oils, minimal cetyl alcohol or glyceryl stearates or peg stearates as these are fatty acids and fatty acids irritate and feed the fungus that causes seb derm. Absolutely no plant oils, not even jojoba and certainly not olive, almond, coconut etc.

  • There will be more alcohol.
  • There will be more chocolate. Some of that is already in the works. By which I mean on here, not in my digestive system.

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