wonders never cease: further folly

Sigh: the kind of nonsense that goes on over on MUA. Screenshots, I’m afraid: I can’t be arsed copying and pasting text, and reformatting to thread conversations, and anoymising. Bugger that. It’s a public forum, after all.

UPDATE: minor praise–this is my 100th post!!! cue (grouchy, lead) balloons.

I’m seriously not praising this sort of thing at all. Quite the opposite. Back in the day, we’d have failed kindergarten for this sort of silliness.

Yes, in some countries not only is there free state education in the tender years, but it’s normal, and normal for women to work, and normal for kids to be socialized from the earliest age. Crêches before kindergarten. And, funnily enough: no, the country where this sort of left-wingery was so heinously inflicted on me was not the U of K. Funny, that.

But, yes, you could fail at the end of a year. And repeat the year. And most of the criteria were on socialization and a kind of pre-literate civilization.

Here’s the current state of affairs… if anything interesting has happened by tomorrow morning PST, I’ll redo the screenshots and repost then.

Maybe people might have grown up a bit by then.

What worries me more is that while I can read and type this kind of shizz rapidly, and thus pop in and out of the Alley through the day, and get other things done; I’m well aware that most MUAers can’t, and don’t. Peeps: you could be out there doing shit, saving the world, volunteering in women’s and animal refuges, doing community gardening, entertaining old people and kids, rescuing lost kittens, hugging whales.

Or, indeed, rebuilding the economy.

Instead: bullying, bashing, abusing, and snipping and sniping.

For fuck’s sake. Grow up.

I’ve been limiting the number of times I post per day over there–it’s healthy, and makes for better-quality more succinct posts. Bit like being a MUA newbie, when you’re limited to 5 a day. Heck, most people don’t get that much fruit and veg…

M’kay? And then, over on that beacon of hope, sanity, and enlightenment in dark times, BB, we get this:

and this–I leave it up to the discerning reader to look at timestamps (ymmv) and try to detect code words for “action stations, let’s roll.” I can’t imagine it’s very sophisticated, but then again, my mind’s not exactly on-topic as I’m currently thinking about dinner–

Meanwhile, the good Jetfan had had enough. Bugger the rules, going off-topic, and risking The Flag: sometimes justice is above such things…

I note with interest two things:

  1. the absence of aurevoirlesenfants from the “lovely little flower” thread, not even a gesture of sympathy
  2. a discrepancy between falafel_is_gr8’s responses to the first post on mineral oil at 4:57, 5:00, and 5:02 PM–and her apparent ignorance and confusion at 8:28 PM (but hey, could just be absent-mindedness or going off to eat or cocktails… who knows…)

And that is the current state of affairs, for the historical record.

UPDATE (1848 PST, 9:48 PM MUA-time): eeeps, look what happens when I go off for a G&T. The MUA nonsense-posts screenshotted above have been removed by the moderators. Thank heavens for small mercies. This post here is now the sole remaining archaelogical record… which I’ll be keeping for future reference, evidence, etc…

I’m also keeping this anyway, you know, for this kind of reason:

ANOTHER UPDATE: current state of affair on the BB. Sometimes, to be fair, it’s not clear what’s a MUA-based pseudonym, and who’s a real MUAer. Were I to post on there, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t use anything remotely resembling my MUA identity, any other online persona, or indeed my IRL name. Obviously were I to post there I’d never say so elsewhere; as with MUA, “The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club.” But: I do find the stylistics fascinating, though the humour tends towards the lame (or simple-minded) and infantile, and then the crassness is, well, crass. Uncouth. But here we go:

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