eyeshadow alchemy (part 2 of 2)

The magic of metamorphosis: from loose powder to any other texture under the sun… in five transmogrifications. 3-5 here, continuing from 1-2 yesterday.


More sophisticated: mix the powder with something. Just doing this for one dose/application, at the time of use.  Thus will you produce liquid eyeshadow, or transform a darker shade into an eyeliner. And, like with cake eyeliner, adding a little water to it every time–but not making permanent alterations to the substance itself.

  • tip a little of the powder onto a small clean surface: I recommend an old plastic bottle-top (water, milk, whatever–they’re all about the right size)
  • keep a small amount–a thimbleful, or, about 1 cm in a shot-glass does nicely–of water or other mixing stuff next to you.
  • add a drop of water to your small quantity of powder: up to you on tool–a dropper, a teaspoon, etc.
  • make paste. This may involve adding more water along the way

Stuff for mixing: try some of the following to see what produces what, to your mind, is the ideal texture:

• distilled water–the household kind, for ironing and so on
• eye drops: main and best thing I’ve used, so far, and in a sterile solution to boot
• water mixed with glycerin
• aloe vera gel, any other liquid, gel, cream, sunscreen
• primer: see yesterday’s list
• Silk Naturals Mixing Medium (various other mineral-makeup companies make similar things: look around…)
• Make Up Store Mixing Liquid (Sweden)
• Mehron (Theatre Makeup and Supplies) Mixing Liquid; also c/o Paint And Powder Store

$6.95 for 4.5 oz

• Graftobian Magic Set Mixing and Lining Liquid

$3.49 for 0.5 oz, 5.69/2 oz, 15.19 for 8. Ingredients: Water, Acrylic Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

These last three are heavy-duty hard-core professional/theatrical/film makeup. If they don’t do the job, nothing short of glue will–and in case you choose to follow *that* route, this might be necessary:

might be a little over-the-top, though

See also:


The more permanent solution, for catastrophically and permanently transforming your entire eyeshadow into solid form: pressing pigments. Now, I’ve never done this, because (a) I’m lazy, or at least think carefully about the relationship between energy expended and end result, and (b) I don’t wear eyeshadow frequently enough for this to be, efficiency-wiese, worth my time and effort. But: I’m a nerdy collector of information–because it’s there, and because you never know what might turn from “information” into “knowledge,” so it’s always worthy following one’s nose and nose-poking instincts. So: I did actually collect up some stuff on how to press pigments. Involves alcohol, but alas not in potable form.


Herewith the links:

  • NecessaryMakeup tutorial
  • Silk Naturals Forum
  • Silk Naturals Forum: thread on pressing pigments, inc. some links
  • WikiHow (c/o MUA)
  • YouTube. There are about a bazillion tutorials on makeup application, techniques, general playing-around, and so on, and so forth. Way too much to even start producing an approximate Top 10. Which would all have changed by the time I’d finished copy-pasting typing it up anyway. So: go forth and peruse The Tube of You.


On which subject of Tubes of You:

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