even more beautiful eyelashes

Remember “beautiful eyelashes”? A post in response to spam?
Which then attracted further spam?
Well: it’s just got some more! Triple- Quadruple– Quintuple-decker antifeminist spam special!

Spam the First (screenshots only for all these, images only linked to, well, my image files):

Gingerrrish response: beautiful eyelashes (2011-07-22)

Spam the Second (2011-07-28, not approved as a comment–screenshot only, embedded in my own comment):

Spam the Third:

Now, what follows might have been written in direct response to my own original post. Or, hang on, it’s just an expansion of the original message to femalekind. Adding insult to injury: here’s how to get long eyelashes, from a dude-authority, quoted in full and verbatim (minus dodgy links and embedded nonsense):

How to get long eyelashes – Eyes are the opening to a person’s soul, and lengthy, lush eyelashes are required to highlight this critical facial feature. All females wish to give the appearance of having longer lashes, and this can very easily be achieved by means of a couple of very simple actions. Use an eyelash curler. Eyelashes stand out far more and look longer if they’re curled. Use vitamins for your lashes. Serums containing the vitamin Keratin, which strengthens lashes, might be bought and applied. Apply along with your fingers each and every day. Strengthening the lashes will assist them to grow longer. Use household items. Together with vitamin serums, items discovered around the home may also strengthen eyelashes and make them appear longer. Apply olive oil to your lashes together with your finger for quite a few weeks to generate longer lashes.

how to get long eyelashes are like each other hair on your body. They’ve a certain growth cycle that keeps them growing frequently. Like every other hair, they are going to grow to a particular length and then quit. Despite the fact that most don’t recognize it, all the hair on your body will replace itself just about every couple of years with new hair, which includes your eyelashes.

You will find several items to understand about how to get long eyelashes. As an example, look at the reality that each and every hair on your body has a certain length that it’s going to grow to. Even the hair on your head will quit growing at a particular length. Which is why not several people today have hair that grows past their middle backs. Your eyelashes are a prime subject to take into account for this. It can be rare to uncover really how to get long eyelashes that would cover your eyes! Still, some individuals have longer lashes than other people. It is all about the genetics.

how to get long eyelashes can be a extremely coveted feature by quite a few females. This is most likely why men normally have eyelashes which are a lot more wonderful. So we invest a smaller fortune on goods to create our eyelashes longer and or to create them appear longer. Though there is certainly no guarantee which you can get your eyelashes to grow longer, you will find some suggestions which are utilized by ladies all over the world that may possibly function for you. Apply olive oil or vitamin E oil to your eyelashes to strengthen them permit them to grow a bit longer just before they shed. Any individuals use Vaseline instead and it truly is identified to function, but vitamin E and olive oil won’t clog the pores the way Vaseline can. Vaseline wants to be applied at night and washed off within the morning. Olive Oil or Vitamin E Oil is often applied having a eylash brush and worn throughout the day (with out mascara).

You are able to come across this item at your nearby cosmetics department. An additional technique would be to use fake eyelashes. It is possible to buy also at any cosmetics department store. It is possible to trim the fake eyelashes to the length of your desire. Apply the false lashes above your eyelashes, close to your lash line. Make it appear natural by applying makeup and following the natural curls of the eyelash.

how to get long eyelashes in a eyelash growth goods function by applying a serum to the base of the lashes (both upper and lower if needed) a minimum of when each day, occasionally twice depending on the item you pick out. This is normally completed at night immediately after gently removing all traces of makeup. It takes around 2 to 4 weeks to see a distinction and make sure you notice the lashes are thicker, longer and in a far better condition.

The way how to get long eyelashes naturally is not as uncomplicated as it could appear, check the item ingredients out for yourself and choose no matter whether you would like to make use of an eyelash grower serum for yourself.

You couldn’t invent it.

Semi-literate patronizing git.

Right now, there is smoke pouring out of my ears. I cannot do justice to such stuff and nonsense. Words fail me. OK, apart from that whole pointing and laughing part, like with Mr Spa Parts.

UPDATE: quadruple-decker special club. Two days later, this pseudo-comment appears on this very post:

 Will update if more appears… It is very sad, though, that eyelashes are a major target of the spammunity. Suggests that:

  1. there is a lot of blogging about them
  2. there is a lot of concern about lashes, amongst bloggers
  3. posts about eyelashes receive a lot of hits, traffic, –many of them from genuinely concerned readers
  4. given that natural biological laws are in operation, here as in any ecosystem: hunters have scented prey; and an abundance of prey has led to a consequent growth, health, and powerful vitality in the hunting population

Ooops: let’s see if “powerful vitality” now leads to vitamin/supplement and Viagra spamvertising…

Meanwhile: people: please stop feeding what look like cute inoffensive kittens like the above; before letting comments like that through and encouraging their proliferation, check out the addresses (using the safest browser you have, in its the most private mode). Otherwise you’ve fed a cub rapid growth-hormone, released it from the zoo / enclosed reserve, and launched it full-grown into the wild.

And people–especially women: it’s hard, but do try to worry less about such comparative trivialities. There’s more to life than this: “Eyes are the opening to a person’s soul, and lengthy, lush eyelashes are required to highlight this critical facial feature. All females wish to give the appearance of having longer lashes.” Next time you’re getting overly-worried about eyelashes, remember that last sentence and may it give you the strength to kick against the pricks:

 All females wish to give the appearance of having longer lashes.

Mr “Well Done” above did make the occasional true statement, though (albeit completely randomly and out of context): “[…] some individuals have longer lashes than other people. It is all about the genetics.”

Enough about the lash-envy. Go hug a kitten (but make sure it’s felis catus first).


It’s an anti-feminist (power-) tool. Out to get women and their eyelashes, with freaking impact drills, hammer drills, circular saws!!!

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