resources: hair

This feels like a bit of a cheat, as posts go: it’s simply a list of resources I’d bookmarked. Hopefully useful to others out there with, you know, hair. Probably also of use with people with little to no hair but who still do have a head, with a scalp, and need to clean it from time to time. If we’re still in a pre-post-human world, that would be everybody. Some stuff might well also work for non-humans with hair, too.

Onwards and upwards: and over to the hairy stuff.

Some of these are mainly for information, some for amusement, some–especially discussion boards–an ever-changing, ever-surprising mix of both.

My own main rapid immediate resources:

If you like this, you'll love "The Unbelievable Truth" (BBC Radio 4, chaired by David Mitchell)

See also:

yes, we are related

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