the ginger spectrum

–a calming, soothing, holistic post

There’s been quite a lot of the darker side of ginger recently. So. Without going overboard into the pale pink side. Nor resorting to cleansing, purging, colonic irrigation, spas, etc.  Though I’m far from averse to a bit of balneotherapy… But: I thought it might be time for some sort of rebalancing. The bigger ginger picture. First, the bigger picture from which the smaller Pantone colour-charts on this site have been gleaned:

Here are some more screenshot-ed charts, useful for makeup purposes for us gingers of a more pseudo-natural disposition. That one above is based around hair and lips; now, using colours on my own skin and hair as a basic core–skipping out the white-to-pale-blue range (LOL)–we get:

–from which, add lip- and eye-colours back in and expand into these:

Even venturing more boldly into full-on yellow and orange!

And now some more vibrant tones–for makeup, clothes, hats, whatever–because dammit, if there’s one thing us gingers can do, it’s pull these off. But don’t let anyone tell you you ought only to wear emerald green, turquoise, and Virgin-Mary-navy–supposedly “complementary” to our colouring, according to about a billion sales assistants and my assorted relatives. Crude primaries, simpler brights: no, unless tempered by at least two other more subtle related shades. Oh yes, and avoiding pastels because they are heinous, suck, make you look sick, and are generally From Hell.

See? Some of that is more interesting, some’s a bit “meh”, but mix it up a bit–as in that last chart–and it does improve.

Think rich luminous velvety deep jewel-tones: same rough spectrum:


Purple’s really the best way to go anyway. Even, the horror, verging into fuchsia territory. Purple being the main contrast to ginger which, let’s face it, is kind of in the orange part of the spectrum–but better than denying that, embrace and glory in it. Because that’s how being an out and proud ginger works: no denials, no pretending to be blonde or whatever, disguising it with subtle uses of colours that tone down orange-reds; no defensive or counter-attacking aggressive behaviour either. Unless that’s part of you, in which heck, get out there and rock your own style… “owning it” and such.

Take any, or why not, all of these. Apply with taste, discernment, good judgement, and refinement–or whatever your own personal equivalent might be. Add a LBD and fabulous shoes and you’re off. See further, for a splendidly stylish role-model: Forever Amber.

–and back full circle to near where we started:

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