musings on makeup, and some music

A fall fashion preview!!!

Well. This was going to be a grumpy post. I was going to say: welcome to yet more gratuitous grumpiness. As you know, I do like a good rant about folly and hypocrisy. Nothing better than some morally-reprehensible gross consumerism to get me going. And there’s been the usual amount of silliness around lately. Over on MUA, we have Crème de la Mer vs. unbranded mineral oil vs. rip-off organic cold-pressed raw biodynamic oil vs. supermarket cooking versions. Rich-bitch snobbery vs. parsimonious bitch smuggery. Add to that, we’re now on the cusp of the silly season: getting into the buildup towards magazine Fall Fashion issues.

So I thought those were as good reasons as any to remind anyone even contemplating, for one second, the possibility of falling for fall fashionable foul follies: remember this cinematographic masterpiece of fat-stealing and soap-making?

If you don’t, or you missed it first time round (which is, admittedly, a while back now); or if you don’t see the connection to makeup, MUA, fashion, rampant consumerism, and our generation’s Zeitgeist: Go. See/rent/download. Fight. Club. Now.

Also, here are the two best tracks from the soundtrack. In my experience, in my humble opinion, your mileage may vary, etc. Both are also, come to think of it, comments on MUA when it’s at its worst and/or silliest. On which, see also: Adbusters. I’ve always found it highly entertaining that the main place I’ve found it for sale, most prominently, has been a certain health-food store that can often be rather overpriced, chichi, precious, etc. Heh.

Fond though I may be of folly and its rightful and righteous praise, sometimes fair’s fair and it’s a fair cop.

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