femquality? chickpoweredness?

Another Fall Fashion preview: this time, in words. Will these two catch on? Maybe even go beyond mere fashion, and become current usage–you know, like trousers / pants on women.

Forwarding a little something for your greater delectation:

Marco Röpke: Gold Medal Winner, Salon du Chocolat, Vancouver 2006

Let’s Invent A Catchy New Word For Feminism” (Jezebel, 2011-08-04; in response to Beyoncé in this September’s UK Harper’s Bazaar ). I don’t think Jezebel’s “lumpquality” will make it, myself. Other suggestions, see that original Jezebel piece–COMPETITION: WIN CHOCOLATES!!!

My own votes:

#1 FEMINIST. It’s a damn fine word for a damn fine thing. While there’s still anti-feminism around, and until we’ve achieved peace, justice, and the end of patriarchy and all other phallogocentric oppression: until that time, feminism it is.

#2 onwards…
• EQUALIST–maybe also EGALIST too? fits in a lot of other languages, bonus
• DECENCY, along with the lovely DECENTIST
• the good old-fashioned plain-jane HUMANIST
• similarly old-fashioned: PARITY,
• but!!! adding: how about PARRRIOTIST?
I though it works better than the expected form, inserting a bit of good old riot grrrl in the middle, portmanteau-wise. With as many RRRs as you like in the middle, depending on need for emphasis.

All the above: some aspect of reinvigorating an idea through going back to older roots–recycling, all very nice and green and ethical.

Cat and Girl have three (at least three) nice angles around the area of this issue, from back when: the first below is from 2009, the next from 2006, then 2005.

Oh, all right, they’re not exactly answering Jezebel’s question–but they’re exploring what lies behind it. And thinking “riot grrrl” led me to thinking Girl and Grrrl.

And it’s as good an excuse as any for sharing three classics, from a classy classic.





On which: Wikipedia has a marvellous article for “hipster.” On which: Robert Lanham has a moderately-amusing blog.

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