update to MUA notepad: on MUA rules

After that whole bunch of posts about MakeupAlley discussion-board rules, free speech, open debate, and suchlike: I added some stuff to my MUA notepad. UPDATED 2011-08-19. 

Rapid summary of this post:

(and alcohol too)

And now for the added stuff:



Each board has a specific subject matter (except for the Café) and dialogue/posts must stay on that subject only.

The following is prohibited on all MakeupAlley boards: vulgarity/profanity, sexually explicit discussions or posts, soliciting/advertising in any capacity, religious posts, harassing or obscene posts, swap talk or RAOK posts, off-topic (OT) posts.

Members who violate any of the above may be removed at any time without notice. All posts are subject to our review and may be removed at our discretion. Please use common sense and good taste when posting. Thank you.

This is at
There’s variations at the top of every board, too.

Full rules: see “Your conduct” and “Message board […] rules” in the MUA “Terms of Use”:



Q: What is a troll and what to do when you spot one?

A: A troll is basically one who posts messages intended to insult and provoke. For each person who responds, the poster (the troll as a person) will consider that person 5 easy rules:
(1) Don’t read posts from or about trolls;
(2) Don’t read email from or about trolls;
(3) If you can’t resist reading, don’t respond;
(4) If you can’t resist responding, do so by email, not by posting on a public forum;
(5) If you are compelled to post a response, if you just can’t stop yourself, at least do the rest of the readers the favor of adding the troll’s nick to the subject line, so they can avoid reading that post.

Source: http://www.makeupalley.com/faq/



A.k.a. The Unofficial MUA Rules: http://www.makeupalley.com/user/notepad/Violet912



A.k.a. Ginger’s Notes To Self, tidied up into more coherent form.

  • “Please use common sense and good taste when posting”–the one rule that rules them all.
  • Be nice, polite, courteous: always: no matter what.
    ◦ Generosity of spirit, benefit of the doubt: it IS possible for someone to see the error of their ways, become a Reformed Character, and be rehabilitated and reintegrated into civilized society.
    ◦ Also: In the absence of any concrete evidence to the contrary, assume that a post or comment is made in good faith. Otherwise–well, that way madness lies… See also Violet912’s wise words on guarding against neurosis (rule #12) and add to them: avoid paranoia, bullying, abuse, cruelty, damage, and mean-spiritedness. Some things are more important than MUA. Your mental health is one of them.
  • Do not feed trolls.
  • Do not go off-topic.
    ◦ This can be tricky to juggle. It’s one of my greatest failings at the best of times, because I’m flippant and facetious by nature.
  • Don’t respond if you have the slightest hunch a post or comment might be Bait, intended for you (especially you personally) to Rise To It (and potentially have your account deleted).
  • Tell the board moderators:
    ◦ Send them a quick message (see “Contact us” at bottom of every MUA page); OK, not so frequently as to bug them–might itself constitute trollesque activity–but when necessary: URL of message or thread + explaining why you think this is trolling or otherwise out of order / Not Done / Bad Form + if it’s a repeat offender, their MUA name and a brief outline of part history.
    ◦ Nothing wrong with naming and shaming, if it’s done properly and if it’s true. It’s not brown-nosing: it’s potentially preventing a situation from escalating, and it can protect others.
  • If you can flag, do:
    ◦ responsibly–this is a priviledge, not a right–and with no comment on that post. And do also send a message to mods saying why you’ve flagged.
  • The only OT-esque comment I’ll make will be to change the subject to alcohol.
    ◦ If you see me doing this, it’s signalling either “chill out” or “troll alert, do not feed” or both. Please do join in. It’s also an excellent way to swap cocktail recipes.
  • Discretion is the greater part of valour.
    ◦ Beware, and be wary, of TMI. Trolls aside, this place is public.
    ◦ Keep a sense of perspective: it’s only MUA.There’s more to life. It won’t be the end of the world if you don’t reply or comment. Worrying and obsessing is rarely a worthwhile activity: on anything, anywhere, let alone here. (Don’t get me wrong: I love MUA and being on here. But.)
  • I HEREBY PROMISE that I’ll no longer start off my discussion-board responses with the irrelevant ethical stuff, legal-style. Nor end a response with interminable caveats, provisos, footnotes, other apparatus.
    ◦ This is very hard for me, because I’m a pathological nerd; compassion for this sad affliction would be appreciated. I’m trying, the best I can.
    ◦ But: If you see (at the very end) something along the lines of this–

“I wouldn’t buy/use it myself, but that’s for other reasons (more on NP).”

–that’s shorthand for

“I’m being careful not to go OT or to insult someone else’s choice. Your choice may be different, and it’s your choice, and I respect it. It’s a free world. Individual decisions like these *must* be respected, for all individuals, otherwise they’re not proper individual free choices. I’m aware that these ‘other reasons’–ethics–are immaterial to a product’s functionality and efficacy, and therefore could be construed as being OT; but I do have serious conscientious objections and can’t and won’t silence them completely. This statement is an uneasy compromise, but the best I can do, in all conscience.”

[These are just my own notes to self, for nagging at myself and checking I’m not being (too much of a) silly b!tch. Sharing them here, in case they’re vaguely useful to anyone else. And keeping them here is handy for my own reference: for reality-checks, to make sure I’m not going OTT and taking things, MUA, and myself too seriously…] 

11th Commandment: thou shalt avoid naffness


The following section was added earlier–it’s here as a bonus:


If in doubt, or checking, or even just asking: do some searches. Research–and the collection, sorting, arrangement, analysis, and critical commentary of its results–is good for you, not least as a life of it may contribute to staving off the ageing process (brain only, no claims made for effects on the top or any other layers of the epidermis):

  • Google
  • Wikipedia
  • and, of course, on MUA. For tips on searching (with apologies to grannies and egg-abuse), see this post.

Looking up the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database ≠ research. IT’S NOT RESEARCH. It’s an insult to the word and what it means, and to anyone who does actually do proper research–online, in labs, on the street, etc.

Caveat: research is a skill, and also an art.

  • The first part of The Art is asking the right question: choosing the best search terms with which to interrogate the database, a.k.a. the sum total of human knowledge that is The Glorious Interweb.
  • The second part of The Art is also a virtue: patience, attentiveness, care, carefulness. In reading through as much as is humanly possible of the search results.
  • The third part of The Art is knowing which results are useful, relevant, pertinent, important, significant, and otherwise “good”; and being able to tell the good from the less- to non-good fast, from an item’s first words, thus reserving time and energy for more research and reading. This Part of The Art is a combination of instinct, intelligence (in the fuller, older sense that includes “understanding”), wisdom (including trusting oneself and one’s good judgement), and practice.
  • The fourth part of The Art is reading: in the larger sense that includes all activities involving eyes (and/or other receptive senses) open and brain switched on.
  • The fifth part of The Art is love: of information, of knowledge, and of research itself. For Research Is Also Enjoyable. And a marvellous virtuous thing: it’s good and it’s good for you, and it can be a happy activity and also lead to further happiness. Perfect.


If in doubt: consider: "What Would Garfield Do?"--then go away and eat some chocolate.

Images at top: Zazzle, MySpace

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