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I did promise more trees, way back when...

Because you’re worth it–whether you’re a pale redhead or not. Foundation that is the same colour as the skin underneath it: just smoothed out, like physical photoshop. It’s not much to ask, in 2011, is it?

Apparently it is, judging by the number of makeup manufacturers who sell only a few shades. No tones. Just around about the middle of the spectrum. Few textures.

Foundation/tree: an extreme approach to foundation-matching problems.

I have not bought makeup from companies that don’t cover the whole human spectrum, in years. It didn’t start out a deliberate act of boycotting and rebellion. It’s just that I’m not going to buy something that’s the wrong colour for me, and I don’t see the point of buying something that I know isn’t right and that I’m not going to wear. That would be (a) pointless, (b) stupid, (c) a waste of money. But I’ve gradually moved away from buying much makeup anyway, and what makeup I buy tends to be from companies that do support equal rights to makeup (ex. Lipstick Queen, Silk Naturals, Bobbi Brown).

On mascara, I admit, I am still a whore: I will get it from anyone, no matter what they do with other makeup (so long as they’re cruelty-free). I’m faithless and promiscuous. I fall in lust at the drop of a hat, several times a day. I would sell my soul for the perfect mascara. Though that might not be any fun anymore–but maybe that’s what Hell is: a life without point, purpose, possibility, change,…

But I digress. Here’s some resources on foundation:

Foundation, makeup, and turning into a tree: image links to a follow-up post, about becoming a tree with birds.

Image at top: Slices of Life

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