quick question

Is it sad (or bad) to respond to oneself? Even if responding to one’s own response to someone else (albeit in response to you)? I’m only asking this as I just did it and am now wondering about it. Aaah, the subtle joys of over-intellectualizing everything. (Sigh. G kicks self.)

Answers welcome… from the sublime to the ridiculous…

UPDATE (2011-07-31): decision made–will respect expressions of will of the people. Happens to coincide with common sense. If something has caused sufficient rumination to give rise to further Ginger verbiage, then lo! off it goes into a shiny new post of its own. I’ve already done this with spam; why do one thing with spam and another with proper comments (i.e. non-robotic, deliberate, with communicative intent, engaging with the topic).


  1. mej5s

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with responding to yourself if the edit function (when available) doesn’t provide adequate means to expand upon/correct/clarify/add to previous thoughts.

  2. gingerama

    First reaction: Meh. I’ve sinned, then. Or broken the rules.
    Second reaction: Hey–this is MY site! I make up the rules!! And take any rules that are already there and bend and tweak and twist them. Why am I even asking this question? I need to set up more personae. The Philosopher, The Theologian, The Jurisprudentist, The Commentator, and The Master.
    Reaction the Third: But your point is well-taken, good sir. I’ll think on it.
    And fourthly: (UPDATE) I thought (cue: APPLAUSE!). Enough over-analyzing everything: there’s got to be a practical limit to that (even though I’ll still reserve a corner of brain for the question, “when does a comment stop being a comment and become something bigger, a thing in its own right?”). Reminding myself: if in doubt, apply common sense. Have updated OP accordingly… and (re)moved my comment-on-comment-on-response-to-post.

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