I ♥ spam!

It’s so fun! Yes, there’s a lot of crap to trawl through; yes, it’s worth doing that trawling, as from time to time a genuine comment does slip through the net and get sorted as spam; yes, it’s worth filtering as otherwise, well, there’s no distinction between comments and spam. And where would we be then?

So I do read a lot of spam. And some of it is a joy and a delight. One today really warmed the cockles of my heart. “Cockles” being the operative term here. Some other parts may also have been reached. No, this was not a beer commercial. Even by Gingerrish standards, and even here in the PST zone, it’s not really the right time of day yet for that sort of thing…

It’s over on the post about beautiful eyelashes. Which was, in turn, a post inspired by another jewel in my spam-collection. More shortly on actual beautification stuff. While there may be the odd digression–in the cornucopian style appropriate to the praise of folly*–this blog isn’t going to divert itself into being about meta-spam.

* nor will it have too many Erasmian in-jokes. Sorry. Sometimes the urge is too strong, the flesh weak, the spirit going along with it for the ride…

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