être bien dans sa peau

A quickie–Forwarding the following from The Fashion Police today:

That is all, as all I’d add would be a resounding “hear, hear”; which doesn’t really add anything of substance. Amber sums the situation up in a nutshell. Happy summering* wherever and whoever you are, however it is you’re enjoying solar radiation, whatever your choice of approach to illumination (and to others’ attempts to illuminate you).

* I know Antipodeans are wintering, but heck, your winter sun often beats northern European heights of summer, plus the ozone-layer-hole factor…


  1. gingerama

    There’s a little-discussed natural advantage to being pale: one glows in the dark. This means not only that SOs can see one–all very romantic and all that–but also that one doesn’t need a torch for short nocturnal excursions (say, to the bathroom or kitchen, or to investigate Odd Noises Off). I find sticking one of my arms out in front of me is about as good as a discreetly-dimmed torch.
    Might not help on hunting trips though; full ninja attire is de rigueur.

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