resources: sense and science

If it looks like a duck...

The Battle for Reason is on. The future of democracy, civilization, humanity, and the planet are all at stake.

The enemies: quackery, pseudoscience, anti-science, the forces of ignorance.

Knowledge Is Power: Empower Yourself.

Here are some useful links. Some are even beautification-specific; see also links: enlightened titillation.

Beauty Brains, The

Beauty Brains, The: “How to Save Money on Beauty Products” (ebook)

Ben Goldacre: Bad Science

Ben Goldacre: Bad Science @ the Guardian

bengoldacre – secondary blog

(yes, I am a fan–how did you guess?)

Committee for Skeptical Enquiry, The (CSI)

Cosmetics & Toiletries: Formulating Results in Cosmetics R & D

Critical Thinking Community, The (US)

DC’s Improbable Science

DC’s Improbable Science: Links

Gimpy’s Blog

Hair Quackery

Personal Care: Information based on scientific facts

Quackometer, The


Ratbags: Quintessence of the Loon

Ratbags: The Green Light

Ratbags: The Green Light: useful blogs

Ratbags: The Millenium Project

Science Blogs

Science-Based Medicine


Simon Singh

Wikipedia: Fallacy

Wikipedia: List of fallacies

Wikipedia: Logic portal

Wikipedia: Thinking portal

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