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Things Gone By: Bobbi Brown Best of Chocolate Eye Palette (2007, limited edition)

this is mainly a note to self, but should give some vague suggestion of Things To Come…

In no particular order. Or, the order may be rejigged. Herewith list of points that will be turning up on here along the next few days  weeks months while. All reviews will also appear on MUA, usually first, and in a different form on there.


The mockery of silliness: in reviews, in marketing BS, in advertising. I’m really looking forward to this: it’ll be my main move away from review-writing and shorter commentary on MUA, to more in-depth, close-reading writing about evil pernicious mega-corp insane consumerism and mass manipulation and suchlike. The blog, after all, does have that funky subtitle for two reasons:

  • praise of those things other folks call folly–a redhead who otherwise thinks of herself as smart, feminist, right-on, and all the rest of the package…being obsessed with mascara
  • taking the piss out of folly
  • on tolerance and human(ist) sympathy

Fear-mongering, pro-ignorance and its perils, anti-intellectualism, anti-science pseudo-thought, irrationalism/anti-rationalism

Common Sense post-Paine: on reason, reasoning, being reasonable; and these things being perfectly compatible with feminism, post-hegemonic anti-phallogocentrism, etc.

Errrm, yes, so there will be rants. Short ones, long ones, recurring ones. Rantings and ravings, didactic rambles, and other mini-treatises. These may well be accompanied by warnings (ex. “warning: long rambling rant”) and appropriate images (i.e. classic roadside warning-signs, and completely irrelevant items. Possibly some more pretty pictures of flowers, trees, and other vegetation. Maybe cacti, if being especially spiky.)

For many posts: expect a combination of running commentary, maybe the odd bit of narrative, and lists of stuff I’ve tried that works, stuff that didn’t work, and points between. Plus longer reviews on individual items I liked.


on tanning, fake-tanning, and Ginger Pride… and on

parabens and other preservatives

assorted rants on greenwashing, green-light-robbery, and others of that ilk [some done, there will doubtless be more…]

cruelty-free and “green-ness” DONE-ISH

how green is reasonable? DONE-ISH

opinion ≠ belief ≠ argument ≠ fact:
against intolerance and the confusion of “opinion” with “belief”, and “opionion” with “view”, and the consequent inability to distinguish an argument, let alone a valid argument, and a concept of logical truth


swatches of lipsticks on arm, and pics of them on mouth (once I’ve figured out good places for “true” natural light)

deodorant and the deodowich (a Gingerrama invention: look it up on MUA, search the discussion boards there, in the meantime…)

menstrual cups, inc. cleaning them

assorted tools: brushes, sponges, good old hands striking again

laundry and other household detergents

Make Do And Mend: featuring links, topical tips, and probably a fair bit of laziness in referring you to other people who’ve written more, and better, than me on this subject, over longer

bags, containers, and other things to do with organising bits and pieces. Especially waterproof bags with lots of pockets and zips. There will be things on, for instance, Tom Bihn (all hail the brilliant Synapse!), the Healthy Back Bag, WaterfieldMuji, and Moshi.

veggie cookery books and blogs!!!

old reviews on MUA

cleaning materials (body): inc products & tools DONE

makeup removal DONE

moisturisers (face): inc lips and eyes; nb: face = down to boobs… DONE

moisturisers (body) DONE

hair stuff, inc tools DONE

sunscreen (top to toe) DONE

mineral oil

lippie!!! as that’s important, and makes life happy and, well, worth living.

Gingerrama’s Green List DONE

mascara DONE

eyeliner DONE

concealers (eye)

facial slap



foundation: the million-dollar question


zitorrific calamities DONE

sensitivity striking one down: what to do, things that might help

Some more shorter thematic sub-lists of links (ex. cruelty-free) gleaned from the giant list down the side…

buying decisions and consumer rights: further Ten Commandments DONE-ISH

Image at top: Bobbi Brown

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