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“moriae encomium” =

in full:

That is: Praise Of Folly.

NB: Ginger is actively in favour of folly, and of praising it.

This blog was started in 2011: which is the 500th anniversary of the first publication of Praise of Folly. This is a cause for celebration: for example, FOLLY 500 (the Erasmus Center for Early Modern Studies–home to the Erasmus Online Database).

Call it proactive, call it post-modernly ironically queering, or reconquest, or rehabilitation, and troping the trope: any which way, she wants to twist the words back to their literal primary meaning. Not all folly, of course: some folly is plain and simply mad; some follies are foolish, silly, and stupid; but some are reasonable and actually help one to remain sane, some frivolities are good for the health and invigorating to the constitution, and some folly is good plain honest more-or-less-clean fun.

Here endeth the mission statement. Back to serious business, and the root of the matter. With a minor digression back to the other root of the matter: in praise of ginger. A many-splendoured thing, that comes in all shapes and sizes from the simple

ginger in simple, humble state

to the complicated

it's rarely that simple being ginger

to the convoluted and contorted

and all the way to the rich panoply that is the Google image search for “root ginger”:

"root ginger": mainly, as might be expected, images of the root of zingiber officinale; but also a couple of nice ginger-based beverages and some human ginger-rootedness

slightly further down the search results, one meets this:

–from a rather fine blog-post that has a rather nice pro-ginger aside; that blog (alas, now deceased) being overall actually about “playing lego with alcohol”; and the context of the matter at hand being a Mixology Monday ginger special , hosted by RumDood.

Image at top: Marginal drawing of Folly by Hans Holbein in the 1515 edition of Erasmus’ Praise of Folly; c/o Wikipedia

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