because ginger can be pink and flowery too

Even those of a ginger persuasion have souls a pretty, pink, sweetly-scented side.

We are delicate blossoms.

This is the blog of one such fragrant bloom, Ginger O’Rama (hence blog title). It offers for your greater delectation:

Welcome to the Ginger universe. Image: My Nice Garden. Click image for full shot, and more... as it were... No, this is not a lady-garden and NSFW, get your mind out the gutter, it's not that sort of blog. What? That thought didn't cross your mind? You sure? Well then--that says it all. It's not going to be *that* sort of blog, but it is going to be *this* sort of blog, as my mind *is* in the gutter. It's OK, there'll be no dirty images. Any/all filth will just be words. Sometimes, not ever in the words, just between the lines... Mwahahaha!!!

All with an unmitigated ginger edge, and all that red-hot business:

The Dark Side of the Ginger (note presence of RED!!!)

And promising to remain true to the gingerish nature: remaining irritable, prickly, hot & spicy, downright flammable, and best served pickled.

How to pickle a ginger: 60 ml dark rum + ginger beer + lime (squeezed and wedged). Repeat until "The Dark And Stormy" is equally applicable to both the drink and the drinker.

Cherry blossom: apparently, in flowery language, stands for beauty, the transience of life, and good education. Which seemed like an appropriate matching set. The other contenders for Vegetative Headliner were:

elderflower for compassion–

–also available in pink!

red daisy  for beauty that is unknown to its possessor (a bit more interesting and grown-up than the usual white daisy for purity),

oxeye daisy for patience (with sensitive skin…),

and plum blossom for beauty and longevity

On the subject of longevity: later, there may be some beautiful, venerable, gnarly, elderly trees too. Seeing as how the Ginger is a bit of a tree-hugger. But such Justified Ancients are around year-round, whereas right now we are in the season of fresh evanescent blossom; so blossom wins for the sticky front post, to compensate for blossom not, well, sticking around forever IRL.

In the meantime, there will be chocolate to illustrate and punctuate the first few posts. As it the elixir of eternal youth.

Image at top: Etlingera elatior, from Flower Arranging 101


  1. Amy

    Hi there, Gingerrama! I just found out about your blog from Claredoll’s blog and I am thrilled. Although I am not a redhead (I DO have quite a bit of natural copper highlights though!) I just LOVE you on the SCB and green board and have become far better informed thanks to your thorough posts, experience, wisdom , etc! So thank you…and I am subscribing to your blog so I won’t miss anything! 🙂
    -Amy (aka, amyva….guess which state I live in, lol!)

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