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mascara trauma

Probably pointless dramaramal(l)amadingdong nonsense, but hey, you never know, it might amuse someone out there. In a bored at work kind of way.

My favourite Irish beauty blog (and one of my favourite ones anywhere, come to that) had an item on favourite mascaras. Now, as you know, I love mascara and would like to think that decades’ experience poking myself in the eye with several hundred different short pointy brushes on sticks means I might know a thing or two about it. So Continue reading

compare and contrast

Ooh boy.

Feminism, sexism, racism, hypocrisy, beautynomics, celebrity pseudo-culture, rights, property/propriety, patriarchy, Leagues of Decency, the wit and wisdom of getting naked in public, rights, double- or multiple-standards, live and let live, ignorance and prudery and godbaggery and idiocracy, rights, rights and/vs. responsibilities, and more rights.

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another beaut.ie beauty: “over-excitable serum”

From Beaut.ie again: a review of some Skin Science products.

We listened to the science so you don’t have to. Because when it comes down to it, these products are expensive and we want to make sure they work…

Read the rest, and the “exciting” part, here: Skin Science: age management, over excitable serum and stand out cleanser | Beaut.ie.

foundations for the pale

Well. We’ve already had posts on foundation and assorted hot air and steam from the ears on ginger rights. I was going to do (yet) another rant on colourism: the universal right to be whatever colour one is, manufacturers’ duty to provide  makeup that suits the whole spectrum, and the right to choose to use facial slap that matches one’s mug. Rather than orange, or whatever fashion has dictated is “in,” plus the right to choice full stop–to use or not use the stuff according to individual preference.

But Beaut.ie beat me to it. Continue reading