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to my MakeupAlley notepad: which is now updatable without crashing. Albeit, as is all too often the case, if you’re not using a Windows OS you can’t avail yourself of wysiwyg editors and you’re back with old-fashioned hand-scripting. Oh well. Does the job.

Revamped notepad now reflects what’s on here. Most of it shouldn’t need updating for a while. But–golly gosh–I first put together that MUA notepad five (yes, 5) years ago. My MUA-birthday was on the 24th; I admit to having lurked for 2004-07 on another account (which I deleted when I “went active”), with which all I did was read reviews and board discussion, as a passive MUAer. But five years is an eternity in internet terms. Even more chilling, for anyone scared of aging: I built my first website and made my first Wikipedia edits ten years ago, first blogging shortly after, and first online chat (gulp) twenty years ago.

Makes you think. Encroaching old age. Senescence and senility, or wisdom and venerability? Me, I’m looking forward to Second Childhood. And to all my colouring changing, which will mean being able to wear all sorts of ginger-inappropriate things with impunity:


When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me. Continue reading

yes yes yes!

Sweat rashes and mosquito bites aside, it’s been a decent summer for the old Ginger hide. And summer’s probably only about half-way through. I like to think summer lasts until the point in October when leaves on trees are definitely more red than green. I have been known to cheat, changing my route into work to ensure I walk through evergreens as far as possible. But I digress.

Pros this summer, so far, knock on wood: Continue reading

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